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    NEWARE’s mission
    is to become a global respected software service provider
    in the mobile communications market.
    We are a pioneer into the future of next generation communications
    and have achieved a series of successes
    with the solution of the mobile communications service.
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    Our experts will help you define and deploy a mobile solution
    that is tailored to your specific needs with room for change and growth.
    Through our years of experience building NEWARE solution,
    we have developed a series of best practices to mitigate risk and ease transition
    to your new platform and business.
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    With an experienced core team of 50+ engineers, we continuously
    strive to provide customers with the highest level of quality, reliability and
    interoperability, enabling them to maximize their end-user value.

About Us

Subject to cutting-edge technology & ultimate user experience,

NEWARE delivers converging international mobile communications service solutions

to existing and future communications service providers worldwide.

We aim at bridging a simple and convenient telecom world with the new unconventional communication providers.

Experiences & Expertises

10+ Yrs industry experiences

Cooperation with world-level telecom carriers and leading Asia MVNEs

Managing over 6 Mil. SIMs in Asia, Serving more than 20+ MVNOs/Mobile Resellers

Providing platform service in MVNE & MVNO, eSIM & OTA, IOT & M2M

Rich mobile business & service knowhow


NEWARE commits to offer terrific worldwide mobile services & experience to our cutomers.

Best eSIM Solution

NEWARE's eSIM solution delivers a comprehensive services platform to cater to OTA (Over The Air) service activation of mobile users. It connects mobile services to multiple eSIM vendor to provide real time activation, purchase, release, and reporting services for customers and mobile consumers. This allows mobile service providers the ability to provide multiple telecom service plans from different networks to local and regional consumers on the same platform. Mobile users can use a eSIM card combined with a multi platform user-friendly mobile app to subscribe to different telecommunication networks and services across regions.

Mobile Service Platform

Mobile Service Platform is designed to help MVNE / MVNOs / Resellers launch new operations, expand and capture new revenue streams, deliver a better customer experience and gain a competitive edge in the market. The proven solution is specifically designed to meet mobile market current and future operational needs, hosting numerous subscribers in total separation on their network in a highly secured manner. It's an end-to-end, next-generation, convergent, real-time charging and service delivery solution, which offers complete flexibility, and supports any network, payment method and delivery model for complete flexibility and fast time to market.

Our Service

NEWARE offers a range of consulting, professional services and operation support

to help you to transform your mobile communications business for remarkable results.

Our Cases

We currently serve 20+ major customers and our customers come from various industries with unique demands or operational requirements.

Our services cover Asia-Pacific and Europe, we can customize our service to cater to our customers' needs.

Sponsor Data

Offers customizable sponsorship packages, allowing customer to choose a combination of features that are ideal for the objectives and budget. Position his business in front of mobile end-users, maximize brand exposure and create long-lasting impact through sponsorship opportunities.

  •  Jun 10, 2015

DayPass for Travelers

Provides customized daypass/weekpass services for travelers to help mobile data resellers to open a huge cross-border mobile data market.

  •  Feb 18, 2016

Cross Border Fleets

Provides mobile data service to help customer monitor and manage his cross border fleets in real-time, the information can help with effective decision making, thus improving performance and reducing overall costs.

  •  May 20, 2016

Monitoring Television

Transmission of real-time monitoring data through the mobile network to reduce the overall costs of deployment and maintenance of the monitoring television system.

  •  Jul 19, 2016


Changing the World, Together!

NEWARE is a challenging workplace where teams are diverse, competitive,

and continually searching for tomorrow’s technology and the brilliant minds to create it.

NEWARE proudly offers an excellent working environment & wider development space, and we are inviting talented individuals to join our family.

Want to work at NEWARE?

Check the JOB OPPORTUNITIES and send us your CV to hr@neware.site

Contact Us

Customer service around the globe please contact below.

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